Mortgage protection is a unique form of life insurance which appeals to homeowners.

If you died unexpectedly, do you have enough life insurance to cover your loan balance and leave your family free of the burden of unpaid bills and living expenses?

The #1 cause of foreclosures, as well as bankruptcies, is the lack of adequate insurance. For example, if you currently have a monthly income of $5,000, you’d need over $500,000 in life insurance just to generate that income upon your death. If you consider that these figures fail to represent inflation, taxes and new expenses over time, it’s easy to see that mortgage insurance can be a smart, low-cost solution, or alternative, to a homeowner’s life insurance policy.

A basic policy will cover the entire amount of your loan, for a stated number of years.

In addition, a disability rider can be added to help maintain your loan payments if you can’t work due to an accident or illness.

Should you outlive your policy, newer plans can give you a full refund of all premiums paid.