I never liked insurance. Never wanted to spend money on something i may never use. Last year, my sister died in an auto accident. She only had a small policy and i was left taking care of her 3 children with little support. I found my broker Kal through my lender, and i guess he set me straight. I now own a policy which takes care of my sister’s children, and my own, if something like that ever happened to me. The process was simple and not at all pricey. Thanks Kal!

-B. Bielian, 47

At first, we were overwhelmed by our options, but Lifeguard made it simple and affordable. Everything was done in less than 2 hours.

P.Norman, 35

Now here’s an company that returns calls and takes time to listen to me. They put my needs, and my concerns, first.

S.Atheno, 48

Hi Kal! Thanks for showing us the secrets to saving money on our coverage plans!

-J.Vasquez, 32

Lifeguard found offers for me even after my stroke.

-V.Lupino, 58

My agent is always there, and always with quick solutions. I’ve recommended him often.

J.Talbott, 51

We feel more covered now than with our other policies…and we saved money!

-B.Mari, 32

I needed money and was about to surrender my policy. Kal found me several thousand for a policy which otherwise had zero value. Thanks Kal!

-B.Mari, 32

Names are fictitious for privacy